As rubber tier industry is going downhill, rubber tier factories are facing many problems. It is hard for factories to hire labors since the cost of labor is on rise. The cost of repairing equipment in factories is high. It is hard for the factory to manage the transport of materials. The applying of Guozi AGV solves many of these problems by replacing labors and equipment with AGVs. It can reduce the cost of labors and the cost of repairing equipment. Moreover, AGV system can manage the transfer of half-done product material. At present, AGV can be used to transfer materials for extrusion, rolling, molding and vulcanization process.

1.1. 胶料搬运

1.1.1. 密炼车间胶料搬运(叠片机至缓存区)



AGV system can be used to carry sizing material, which is produced by a gasket cutter, from workshop to buffering area then carry them to full iron or semi iron workshop. It makes the process of transferring sizing material automatically.

The tray used as sizing material containers are customized with loading-bearing around 1.5 t. Laser guided lifting-type forklift AGVs and balanced weighted type AGVs are suitable for the task of transferring sizing material. These AGVs are laser guided. They can carry up to 1.6 tons with a driving speed of 1.5m/s.


1.1.2. 全钢半钢生产车间胶料搬运(缓存区至压出/压延/挤出区)


Sizing material can be transported to the buffering area of full iron or semi iron workshop with the help of lifting-type forklift AGV/ balanced weighted type AGV. According to the pace of production, the vehicles can transfer sizing material among workshops. These AGVs are laser guided. They can carry up to 1.6 tons with a driving speed of 1.5m/s.


1.2. 半制品搬运

1.2.1. 胎面/胎侧搬运(压出/压延/挤出区至成型区)


Flatbed heavy weighted AGV can transfer multi-deck trestle/shutter car from extrusion area to buffering area and then take them to molding area.

Flatbed heavy weighted AGV is laser guided. It can carry up to 5 tons with a driving speed of 0.5m/s.



1.2.2. 其他半制品搬运(从半制品缓存区到成型区)


Normally, 5-6 types of half-done product (not include surface of tier or side of the tier), is stored in spools and provided to molding machine. Forklift AGV can be used to carry spools from storage area to molding area.




1.3. 胎胚搬运

1.3.1. 全钢胎胚搬运(成型设备至硫化设备)


Tooling car is usually transported with a forklift vehicle AGV or a bilateral forklift vehicle AGV, which can carry multiple tooling cars at a time. The using of AGV forklift vehicles makes the process more efficient. Both of these AGVs are laser guided. They can carry up to 1 tons with a driving speed of 1.5m/s.




Another alternative is to use AGV together with high-rise warehouse. When raw tier is ready, it will be sent directly to high-rise warehouse and then sent to vulcanizing workshop. AGV will then send raw tier to vulcanizing machine and vulcanize the tier. 

1.3.2. 半钢胎胚搬运(成型至硫化)


Semi-steel tier require less time to vulcanize. The passageway is narrow. The tier is sent out from the coating machine and take into the warehouse. It is then sent to vulcanizing machine to meet the requirement.


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